My name is Ilya Boyandin. I design and develop geographic data visualizations. I've completed many projects for media, private companies, NGOs, transportation authorities and academic institutions. I've worked at big IT companies and startups, universities and a renowned design studio. Currently, I am helping to build the next generation geospatial analytics platform at Unfolded. In late 2020 I founded GeoVisually GmbH, an interactive maps and geographic data visualization consultancy.

My special interest is in visualizing data about geographic movement of people or goods, e.g. transport-related data. I wrote my thesis about this topic and developed FlowmapBlue, a free online tool for visualizing origin-destination movement. I am passionate about building tools which help cities to shift to sustainable mobility.

I share much of my code online.

I am the father of two wonderful kids. My wife is a professional translator. I like to play guitar and piano and produce electronic music.

Check out my full resume and the project portfolio for more details on my professional background.